Life is full of choices and only you can make those choices. You decide to get out of bed even when you don't want to. You also decide to stay in bed even if you know you shouldn't. These are all choices and your choices bear rewards and bear consequences. ​


There are plenty of things that will happen in your life that you will no control over but you will always have control over how you react and what actions you decide to take. You cannot control the actions of others but you can always choose how they make you feel.  


A few years ago I wrote down some ideas I would use to lead all my decisions and actions. I was in a terrible place in my life and needed to give myself some purpose. I wasn't proud of who I was even if others were. I hope they inspire you to come up with some of your own and never stop doing your best.


A young boy at summer camp once asked his counsellor "What do you do with all the leftover food after lunch?" His counsellor replied "All the counsellors go into the kitchen and eat all the leftovers. Especially when there is cake or desserts left over." Then the young boy asks if next time if he can join and to that the counsellor answers "I don't see why not" to which the young boy promptly replies: "Mama always told me that a closed mouth never gets fed." Now interpret this as you will but opportunity is everywhere and its those who look for it, knock on the door, explore their curiosity and go for it who will continuously be successful. I am always asking for more because never know what you can get! 


​​There was this one guy in high school whom everyone knew. Very humble, kind and very popular. He seemed to be friends with everyone in school and he decided that the winter of their senior year he was going to book a cabin for him and all his friends. A bunch of his friends pitched in money and they all got ready for the trip. Upon arrival all the guests who decided to come were greeted with food and drinks aplenty. The entire house was decorated and was equipped with a hot tub and the host had even rented snowmobiles for everyone to use during the trip. When the guests asked the host "What is all this?!" he simply answered "Anything worth doing is worth doing right." There is no point in doing anything half-assed. There are no awards for mediocrity. Under promise and over deliver but always put in your very best. I always give 100% because anything less is just not worth it.


​​A group of best friends who all went to the same school, played sports with each other and grew up together had the best moments of their lives together. When they graduated high school, they all went their separate ways. One stayed home and had a kid; another moved away and got married; another went to school to study and the last one made it big by landing a really sweet job and working very hard. When they got together each year at Christmas the guy who made it big was always paying for things for his friends. Some started to feel guilty or that this wasn't fair until the generous friend announced, "Everyone in my family eats well." He explained that there is no glory from having anything more than his friends and that anything he has or owns is for the benefit of anyone in his family. He worked hard so that he and his friends could have these experiences. I want everyone in my family to share in my success. I want to build a longer table, not a higher fence. 

A man in a hotel sleeps in past his alarm and barely has any time to make it to the airport to catch his flight. He jumps out of bed, checks out of the hotel, takes a cab to the airport, runs to the desk only to miss his flight by a few minutes. He politely asks the agent if there is anything she can do to help him out and she finds him a connecting flight that will get him to his destination on time for no extra charge! Ecstatic the man goes and waits for his flight. While thanking his lucky stars he realizes how many people helped him that morning and went on his laptop to show appreciation. First by filling out a comment card about the amazing agent who helped him at the airport. Then by going online and leaving a review about the great service from the cab driver and finally with an email to the hotel and thanking them for the express checkout. Within a week he had received responses from all three companies thanking him for his feedback and offering discounts on future services!! "Always say thanks!!" If any of us want to receive appreciation for things we do it is crucial to show appreciation for others. ​We all love it when it's that time of year to celebrate our birthdays but we can't expect anyone to ever show up for our party if we don't show up for theirs. I've been very selfish most of my life and I make a conscious effort to recognize and appreciate all the things people do to help my everyday.