Want better health, strength, wealth, relationships and more?

Jeff Batchelor spent 2018 completing a year’s worth of daily challenges and being a living example of what could be possible in one year.

Every day he posted a YouTube video documenting accomplishments and encouraging others to join in. Local and national news outlets featured his story. This playbook is the essence of his year, the inspiration that started it all, the tips and tricks he used to complete these goals and what he learned about making everydaybetter.

Everydaybetter: A Model of Possibilities was created to help you put the excuses aside and go out and crush it.


You're so positive and wonderful Jeff. You are the kindest and happiest person I know. Always smiling. Such an inspiration

Courtney - Ottawa, ON

I'm so proud of your accomplishments! Thanks for caring about others. You have such a big heart, thanks for sharing it with everyone!

Marsha - Gabriola, B.C.

I was following your videos, and your enthusiasm is amazing man! The book certainly did not disappoint! 

Jason - Ottawa, ON